B90 Holdings to take Oddsen.nu brand global

By Dan Kleiner


B90 Holdings has revealed plans to grow the Norwegian brand Oddsen.nu brand internationally.

The website has been translated from Norwegian to English and the process also allows for additional language optimisation as add-ons. 

One of the features B90 Holdings is rolling out globally from Oddsen.nu is its player of the month competition on the brand’s forum. This is where players can add their tips and win prizes based on their return. Currently, this interactive feature is helping to build the brand’s following in Norway.

Oddsen.nu has been active in Norway for over twenty years and has achieved a 4% return on turnover since 2021 according to the affiliate.

Ronny Breivik, chairman of B90 Holdings, said that the operations of the brand have always remained focused on engaging users with gaming forums and maintaining affiliate agreements within the Nordic region.

“We are delighted to now be replicating that focus, and our success with Oddsen.nu, around the world,” added Breivik. 

The chairman went on to explain how Oddsen.nu’s key strengths are the “the provision of an overview of various bookmakers to end users” and “the overview over relevant and high yielding casino bonuses from leading online casinos”.

“We look forward to further work with our team to grow the Oddsen.nu community internationally. This is a community that has been carefully fostered for over twenty years, and one which we are delighted to cultivate in new geographies, relying on our extensive knowledge and understanding of different regions,” he added.

Breivik also set out the plans for the expansion: “Through the experience built up within our wider group, we understand which trends and principles are universal, and where tailoring to local interests and tastes are required. We will rely extensively on this experience as we set Oddsen.nu on a new international pathway.”

“Oddsen.nu’s new expansion plans are in lockstep with B90 Holdings’ plans for growing its organic business,” he concluded.

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