New SaaS platform Alanbase offers unique new feature: private statistics

By iGBA Editorial Team

Feature allows affiliate networks to create multiple private statistics for various projects in-house, and to create affiliate offers within a unified affiliate network using the SaaS software provided by Alanbase.

Alanbase is a new SaaS platform designed for establishing affiliate programmes and tracking affiliate traffic. The team specialises in partnerships related to igaming, offering ready instances for gambling, betting, mobile devops and media buying. If your vertical is not listed here, don’t worry: Alanbase is a constructor and its support team will swiftly tailor the service to your needs.

The service is actively evolving, delighting clients with useful features every month, such as a comprehensive cohort analysis for evaluating the effectiveness of your traffic over time, a convenient module for payouts with auto-generated invoices, and more.

Private statistics: a unique and immensely useful feature

Recently, the team announced a new feature – private statistics. You won’t find this in other established names on the market.

Now, it’s possible to create multiple statistical schemes within a single account and allocate distributed access to administrators and partners. This achieves a synergy of flexibility and control without compromising the main interface.

Private statistics: who will benefit?

For holdings and projects
Companies with multiple projects can analyse statistics for each of them separately. For example, if you have five casinos at your disposal, each will have its own statistics.

For partners and brands
Private statistics provide control over access, allowing you to allocate distributed access to administrators and partners. This becomes an indispensable tool for partners and brands, enabling the assessment of results for different brands and creating individual statistical scenarios.

For combining offers and programmes
Now, it’s possible to store data on in-house offers and affiliate programmes in one place, conveniently analysing the effectiveness of each, before granting partners basic or trustful access, opening up selected statistics for them.

What else should you know about Alanbase?
SaaS platform: New users don’t need to download anything. Access can be shared on any device, provided there is an internet connection.

Most affordable software: Prices for the software start at $325/month.24/7 support: Get answers to any questions 24 hours a day. Moreover, support readily accommodates any customisation needs.

Service customisation: All goals are configured according to individual formulas, and events are not pre-set – in other words, assemble the platform according to your preferences.

Real-time statistics: Statistics are updated in real time. No competitor matches the speed of our data refreshment.

Alanbase has been in the market since 2020 and has already earned a reputation as a reliable partner for 50+ clients, including Glory Partners, 4rabet, Profit House, Ice Leads and others.
If it seems that Alanbase is what your project needs, register for a demo call with our manager here. During the call, we will gather your software requirements and prepare you for a 14-day trial period. Follow this link and gain access to personally test the service.

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